Dr. Peta Zafir is a born educator; her passion for helping people, her personal knowledge, and her development into complimentary Health has spanned over 45 years. She is the Head Therapist and Owner of Peta Zafir Therapy Clinic; has Postgraduate Degrees in Education, Bachelor in Arts majoring in Psychology and Sociology, and a Diploma in Teaching. She pursued her studies in Complementary Medicine by becoming a Naturopath, Counsellor, Reflexologist, Certificate 3 in Massage, Reiki Level 1. She is a Professional International Scenar Practitioner, and Scenar Australasian trainer, specializing in Complex Multifaceted Health Conditions and Pain Management. In her clinic, she uses the Nutri Energetic Body Scanning Device called NES, has 7 books published, with more coming. She speaks publicly, has a YouTube channel, and does a podcast called Sundays with Mum.

Peta was born and educated in Brisbane entering Teachers College at 17 years old and then onto the University of Queensland at 19 and at 21 began traveling the world. She married at 27 years of age and divorced 6 years later, with 2 young boys and pregnant. After the birth of her third child, a daughter, she became a single mother of 3 under 3. When her baby was only 2 years old her parents started to lose their health and she nursed her father for 14 years and her mother for a total of 23 years while running her father’s business holdings.

Peta is an energetic person, who ran and worked in a large complimentary clinic, however, she wanted to work with people in a more loving, supportive, and caring direction. This led to her opening her own private practice from home.

She is committed to professional excellence; providing a thoughtful, compassionate, encouraging atmosphere, to assist all clients in reaching their full optimal level of health in an informative environment.

Her philosophy is: – Treat the Whole Person and Do No Harm’

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