“Our clients are Our Focus and Your Health is our Concern.”
– Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)

Peta Zafir Therapy Clinic strives to bring learning and knowledge, combined with experience and research, to bring the most cutting edge and up to date information available.

Peta Zafir Therapy Clinic is a place for reflection, improvement, understanding, safety and above all teaching and supporting the client, in working through physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and emotional events and experiences; influencing the body’s strength and mobility, the mind’s clarity and peace and the person direction and choices.

Peta Zafir utilises a variety of modalities:
•             Scenar Technology
•             Naturopathy
•             NES Provision Body Scanning
•             Counselling
•             Reflexology and
•             Experience and research


Treating the Whole Person


Teaching the Body to Heal


Do No Harm


Clearing Energy


Illuminate the issues


Points of Change

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