Illuminate the issues and find the Path

‘If you want Change, then allow me the opportunity to work with you in a respectful, caring, and impartial manner.
There is always a Path, sometimes one just needs it illuminated.
Peta Zafir (Counsellor)
Peta brings over 40 years of experience: working with children, both in the classroom and in clinics, as a Primary Teacher and then completing her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She has also worked extensively in Australia and Overseas, and her Master’s Research was at the time the second largest study on Stress in Teachers in Queensland. Peta brings a variety of professional expertise having worked with Sexual Abuse, Food Disorders, and Mental Illness. She also assists young adults in guiding them in their studies and the opportunities available for both Advanced Study and Trade Alternatives.

As a qualified Counsellor, Peta uses the skills, training, and experience gained over the years to bring clarity, support, and direction.