Bio energetic Health for the total Body

 NES Provision is a sophisticated software system that offers a bio-energetic health assessment that analyzes the body’s energy field. It is simple to use, and easy to understand, and takes a 10 sec painless scan of the energetic body. NES provided a noninvasive assessment of the body field’s structures with comprehensive reports; aiming to restore your body’s energy fields and correct information protocols. 

Dr Peter Fraser, a Gympie man, spent over 30 years developing the NES ProVision system, incorporating his knowledge of Health, Meridians, and Chinese Medicine.

Infoceuticals are remedies from NES Health™ that provide energy and corrective information to the Human Body-Field to improve how well it’s functioning and addressing health concerns from their roots. The therapist will show which Infoceuticals will be needed to help correct any unbalances.

NES ProVision and Infoceuticals read, interact with and correct the information and energy in the body so that it can return to balanced health.