Emotional Overload

There are many emotions that we feel
To speak them out its how we heal
They churn around inside our heads
Until our peace they start to shred
They may affect the way you speak
They may affect your mood and sleep
It’s so important to let them out
Say them clearly no need to shout
Say your truth with love and calm
Have no fear don’t be alarmed
by Peta Zafir
Peta Zafir

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Anger is an emotion that needs to be expressed in a calm & gentle way. To let go of your anger first you need to understand where the anger is coming from; whom, when, what & why. This is the biggest challenge. Anger develops from feelings of pain, fear & vulnerability. Chronic feelings of anger are learned & may have been reinforced in your life: such as if you grew up in a hostile household; were a victim of another’s angry behaviours or were rewarded for your anger by being feared by others or bullying others.

To clear Anger you need to become aware of its beginning, learn ways to express your anger in healthy & acceptable ways, & take action to clear the past so to create a new life path. There is a lot of learning & self-exploration involved in letting go of anger. Doing this is an ongoing task that requires discipline & a change in reaction & perspective.

This is a process that is not easy, & often requires significant outside support. We need to teach children how to recognize Anger & deal with it in a healthy, calm manner. Many people feel that if they have left something behind or walked away from it, it no longer affects them.

Many adults are not even aware that they are feeling anger, believing that the past is the past, as they move forward. Geographical relocation does not diminish your emotions, you
carry them with you. If not resolved & cleared your Anger may result in harming your physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological & mental well-being, presenting as health conditions & disease in the future.

Many studies have linked anger and resentment to heart disease, hypertension & long-term side effects, such as high blood pressure and stroke. If you find you tend to overreact to events & circumstances in your life: this is your past unresolved emotions coming on top of the present experience.

You cannot walk forward into a healthy happy & serene, contented life without clearing away ALL your past hurts, pains, losses & feelings. The work MUST be done for the future to be past free.

Strategies for working to clear your ANGER:
– Recognize the source of your anger
– Work to understand your feelings – writing, talking, and if needed counselling Practicing Letting Them Go
– Start relaxation techniques – meditation, yoga, Pilates, & other quiet activities that require reflection
– Do some physical activity to release emotions – boxing, running, walking

Remember there is an enormous difference between Anger and Aggression. Your Anger needs to be expressed in a calm & gentle way. If your voice increases in volume & pitch, your face contorts, hands or body actions become threatening in a hostile way possibly resulting in violent behaviour – this is a very unhealthy emotion called AGGRESSION.
Aggression is never acceptable or tolerated.

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Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)