Health through Winter

The warmer days have now gone past,
And Father Time is moving fast,
Half the year has come and gone,
And days are darker at the dawn.
The sun starts to shade at early noon
And night is lighted by the moon,
Exercise is not always done
And our energy suffers from lack of sun.
Time to wake the Organs up
Feed and Clean, Reduce the Muck,
Spring clean your home and body too
Gently doing a detox for You.
Peta Zafir

During the cooler months our water intake levels can be a challenge. Your bodies still need the right amount of water to function efficiently, without it you can run into digestive problems such as constipation and more. Get creative with your water intake buy spicing it up with some lemon or lime juice, drink herbal teas such as ginger, cinnamon or peppermint and introduce more soups and broths
Two big challenges associated with exercise during winter are:
1. finding a place to train – outdoors, indoors or at home and
2. finding the motivation to stay active
The colder months can leave you reluctant to move out of the warmth of your home. It is easy to stop your daily exercise, however sticking to a healthy food regime and continuing a regular fitness routine is vital if you want to maintain your Health.
Your exercise may be indoors or outdoors, depending on the extreme climate changes you may experience in your area. Just remember to keep moving, keep your lymphatic system moving, whether it be walking machines, dancing or squats in your home, just rug up, go out and walk on the beach or in the hills or gentle home yoga.
The cold weather is not a reason to stop moving.
Make the time for you, and remember that when LIFE happens, Stop, Rest and Focus on you recovery.
Consistency is the winner, NOT perfection.

Our Clients are Our Focus and Your Health is our Concern
Incorporate HOPE into your life Today
Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)