Make Yourself First

You may have felt you had no purpose
Your life it had no plan
However this shows on the surface
Your future is at hand
Whatever happened before this day
It does not mean it must stay that way
You get to choose each moment passed
So don’t wait long as time won’t last
Time changes with each passing year
Live your life in joy not fear
Open your heart and eyes up wide
And see the things you possess inside
You are unique upon this earth
Be your best and know your worth
By Peta Zafir
Peta Zafir

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You are important because you are unique. The only one that exists. There is no one else that is YOU. The way you look, and talk, your passions, abilities, and talents are yours. You were born with a purpose that is only yours and your place on this earth is to find that unique path and excel.

When you place other people in front of you, you decide on what is best for them, do actions denoted by their needs, and live lives directed by their wants, your health will suffer and you may get emotional and spiritual collapse because of these decisions. Living your life to please others, leads you down a dangerous road toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual decline, which will occur if you dangerously neglect your own needs.

Putting yourself first means you do not minimize your needs, ignore your feelings and disregard what your body is telling you. Many parents, partners, carers, and therapists have heard the comment ‘you cannot help and support others if You collapse.” If you are drained physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, you cannot be beneficial in the long run to others. When you are strong, healthy, serene, and motivated, you can elevate others.

Remember – Self Caring is not selfish, or self-centered, it is Taking care of YOU

Therefore, let’s learn and practice how to set healthy boundaries:
? Don’t say Yes immediately – say let me check my diary and I will get back to you;
? Give yourself time before you respond
? Give yourself time to ask – do I want to do this, how will this impact my life, energy, and well being
? Say No if it impacts your peace
? NO is a full answer you do not need to give reasons
? Remember if the person reacts to your response, then it is their issue, not yours

Give yourself permission to focus on You and Live your life with Love and Thoughtfulness for yourself
You are worth it.

Our Clients are Our Focus, and Your Health is our Concern
Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)