Reach out for Christmas

Another year has come and past
At times went slow, now moving fast
Not everyone has made it through
Loved ones lost that were dear to you
I send a blessing to all the land
A blessing that extends a hand
Makes everyone unite together
Bring Joy to the world forever and ever
Fear is destructive and Hatred too
You all know what you need to do
Stand strong together everyday
Support all others in everyway
By Peta Zafir
Peta Zafir

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Celebrate These Holidays in Unity with Others

Each year I send out a Christmas letter to my friends and family letting them know what has happened throughout the year, as some are not close and may miss some of the wonderful happenings in my life. The Joy of a grandchild, the addition of another, the connecting to friends, the chatting with children, the rekindling old friendships, the meeting new ones, the times that I laughed and the sadness I have felt; the worry I had and the solutions I found.

In a time where family is pitted against family, friend against friend, worker against worker and even nation against nation, we need to offer to everyone we meet, and all who are around us unity, patience, tolerance, acceptance, charity, inclusiveness, leniency, generosity, sensitivity, civility, compassion, decency, politeness, empathy, humility, solidarity, coexistence, respectfulness, humaneness, cooperativeness, constructiveness, morality, loving, kindness, communication, neighbourliness, contentedness, equality, commonality, and love, and allow all people to live in peace and serenity without coercion, oppression, intimidation, and domination.

Remember we are all members of the Human Race and have many physical, religious, spiritual,
mental, intellectual, beliefs, and differences and we need to respect these and defend these and allow all to live in safety and peace.

Remember – “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” by Lysander Spooner

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Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)

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I Wish YOU

A very Happy, Healthy, Safe, & Prosperous Holiday May your dreams become a reality
May your desires be fulfilled
May your life be overflowing with contentment & joy 
May your future be abundant 
with Laughter, Peace, & Happiness
I look forward to seeing you in 2023 & to those I don’t see
May your health and pain-free life continue

Thank you for coming into my life & my clinic
Good health & happiness.