Release your Inner Child

The Past may haunt you for many years
And you may cry and flow countless tears
However to see the future bright
You need to clear hurt and turn on a light
Understand where the pain started to show
The emotions you had all the downs and the lows
Find the child that sits hurt and alone in the dark
Acknowledge the scars & the fights & the marks
Remember the strength that brought you through
Let go of the past & walk forward anew
By Peta Zafir
Peta Zafir

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Who you are today is shaped & determined by your past; the parenting you had, the love & care that you were given, the joy & fear that you’ve felt & the security & stability you experienced. This conditioning is carried by you into adulthood, in every action, every emotion that you feel & every decision that you make. Things that happen in your childhood can leave an engrained mark on your psyche. When you connect with your inner child, the little child that lived through that past, you
able to understand, become aware, work through, clear, & let go of the binds holding you down & keeping you back. When you heal those wounds & reset your thinking, you release your anxieties & find joy, serenity, stability, calm & peace in your life today.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung, described the internal child to past experiences & memories of innocence, playfulness, & creativity, along with hope for the future. If your childhood experiences have affected you negatively, then your inner child may continue to carry these wounds until you address them and your present may become overload with those events & you find you overreact or become extreme in your actions & reactions.

Signs of a wounded inner child are:
– You hide emotions & don’t express your feelings
– You feel your worth is related to your success & productivity
– You avoid conflict & you are a people pleaser
– You have difficulty setting healthy boundaries, especially with family & partners
– You strongly react to criticism, by shutting down, breaking down, or blowing up

Every person’s view of their life is different however the work you will need to do:
– Become aware, acknowledge & recognize the pain from your past
– Learning strategies to let go of that pain
– Listen to your true feelings & what triggers these
– Learn how to let go & walk forward

If working on your inner child triggers discomfort or painful emotions, including grief, traumatic memories, & feelings of helplessness or fear, seek professional guidance. A therapist can offer support & introduce you to coping strategies that help you recognize trauma & confront the emotions from the past.

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Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)