Season for Connecting

The year has brought many gifts to all
Yet some have also had mighty falls
Life sends as many ups and downs
However in giving, happiness is found
Many are isolated and feel alone
Family may not be coming home
People we have known may have passed away
Some feeling sad and in dismay
So have a great holiday and rest and repose
And reach out to others that may be disposed
Peta Zafir

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As Christmas & the holidays approach, many feel a sense of joy & excitement, however for others they experience social isolation, with highlighted feelings of loneliness & anxiety. Research shows that risk increases with age – as people experience significant & ongoing life changes like retirement, bereavement, divorce, illness & living relocation.

This time of the year may be festive for some yet a time of great sadness & remembering past sorrow for others. Whatever challenges you may be facing whether it be family conflict, money issues, stress over what to buy, what to do, who to see, who to invite to celebrate or whether you just skip the celebrations altogether; all of this may bring stress for you.

Some ways you can organize yourself & cope with the pressures:

  1. Write a list of things you need to do – then prioritize them
  2. Keep a sense of humour & be patient – most people are feeling the same
  3. Reach out a helping hand to family, friends & others you may not even know
  4. Think of the things that may upset or irritate you &:
    – Ignore it
    – Say – That sounds interesting or I might try it that way next time
  5. Take time out – go to another room, don’t answer the phone, have a bath & breathe
  6. Ring a friend or family member for a chat
  7. Get active – go for a walk, or swim, or do something that gives you joy
  8. Read a book, write down your thoughts, play music or listen to a podcast
  9. Play the solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz music this helps reduce stress, and anxiety, improves sleep quality, & increases feelings of calm and relaxation

Above all: Look after yourself this season, Make time for you; Connect with other; Be gentle on yourself;
Avoid comparisons; Reach out for support

This is a time of love & giving. The greatest gift you can receive is giving to another.
Have a wonderful holiday time: rest, relax, recuperate, & share your gratitude & good fortune.

Our Clients are Our Focus and Your Health is our Concern
Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)