Solfeggio Frequencies

Life works on a rhyme through time and space
Our moods and thoughts change at rapid pace
The world has a pulse and energy beats
We work on emotional and human feats
However there is a sound that consists
Of a healing vibration that fully assists
Of variations that trigger & repair all of you
Your DNA, organs, and cells will renew
While you are working put one on behind
Let is play softly and your health will rebind
Make sure you change to another each week
Thereby regaining the health that you seek
Peta Zafir

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Solfeggio frequencies are specific tones of sounds dating back centuries; used in Western Christianity, Eastern Indian religions, chanted by Gregorian Monks & in ancient Indian Sanskrit chants. They were believed to bring about spiritual awakening & balance to physical, spiritual, & emotional states of the body. In 1970, Dr. Joseph Puleo used Pythagorean method of mathematical numeral reduction to identified 6 measurable tones that balance the body & aid in healing.
In 1988, Dr. Glen Rein discovered that ancient spiritual traditional music impacted on human DNA. Rein exposed DNA vials to 4 kinds of music & measured UV light absorption, an essential function of healthy DNA. He found Gregorian & Sanskrit chants had most positive, healing, effects, Classical music had a small affect & Rock music decreased UV light
absorption, harming DNA. Rein’s research found that sound frequencies create serious effects, on health & well-being.
Solfeggio Frequencies & their effect on the body & the specific Chakras:
174 HZ – acts like energetic anaesthesia, relaxes muscles, relieves tension & pain
285 HZ – restructures damaged organs/tissue & leaves the body rejuvenated & energized
396HZ – Root Chakra – cleanses feelings of guilt, fear, trauma, stress, & anxiety, strong magnetic field of energy, power to achieve goals, & good for grounding
417Hz – Sacral Chakra – releases negative energy from body, home & behaviour patterns,
432 Hz – deeply calming, peace and soothing effects
528Hz – Solar Plexus Chakra – reduces stress hormone cortisol, supports endocrine systems & autonomic nervous system & increases energy & cell life
639Hz – Heart Chakra – balance emotions, elevates mood & bringing harmony, enhancing communication, love,
741HZ – Throat Chakra – empowerment, speaking one’s truth, self-confidence, cleaning cell toxicity, & infections – viral, bacterial, & fungal, EMF radiation, clear speaking, creative thinking, & increasing self-confidence
852Hz – Third Eye Chakra – awakens intuition & inner strength, raises cell energy
963 HZ – Crown Chakra – pineal gland activation, raises positive energy, spiritual connection, & cellular change
Activity to do:
? Listen to one frequency per day for 1 week, then change to the next frequency the following week
? Sit or lie down in a quiet comfortable place for 15 mins or more, anytime in the day, however, try to make it the same time each day; Keep the volume on low or medium-level; Sit quietly & concentrate on the music
? Some frequencies you may enjoy others you may not
? When finished, write down any physical changes, thoughts & emotions you felt

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