Stay Hydrated

There are many things our bodies need
Sunshine, love and a healthy feed
However the one that is most essential
Is water which gives us our full potential
It lubricates and hydrates the blood and the bones
It moistens and may prevent kidney stones
Without it you will create problems galore
Your body will falter and lack health anymore
If you exercise or live in a hot place in the sun
Carry a bottle and drink on the run
Teas and fruit can add to the mix
Make sure you’re hydrated, your health it can fix
So remember to drink 6 glasses a day
Sip it slowly continuously that is the way
Peta Zafir

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Drinking water is the best and most effective way of maintaining the body’s hydration; how much you drink depends on where you live in the world, hotter the environment the more water you should drink, how much exercise you do, the more exercise you do, the more water you need to drink & your body size.

The human body is made up of 60% water – the brain, heart, kidneys & lungs are approx. 80%.  the muscles, liver & skin approx. 70%, the blood approx. 50%, the bones approx. 20% & the teeth approx. 8%. This amount of water in the body may change slightly with age, sex, and hydration levels. Water helps to maintain the balance of vitamins, minerals, sugars, salts & fats & keeping your body functioning in peak form and its water that helps to find and maintain this balance. It helps to regulate temperature and carry oxygen in the cells and the organs.

Hydration is needed for – Lubrication of joints; Forming saliva & mucus in the mouth, nose, & eyes; Delivers oxygen throughout the body; Boosts skin health & beauty reducing premature wrinkling; Cushions brain & spinal cord – promotes production of hormones & neurotransmitters; Regulates body temperature; Digestive system assisting with constipation & Heart burn; Maintains blood pressure; Needed for airways; Accessibility of minerals & nutrients; Prevents kidney damage – reducing the possibility of kidney stones; Boosts performance during exercise; Weight loss – Preloading with water before meals;  Reduces the possibility of a hangover.

Sources for hydration: Herbal teas; Eating fruits and veggies – watermelon, cucumber, lettuce, celery and eating raw; Immersing your body in water – swimming, bath; aqua aerobics; Coconut water or non-dairy milks, no added sugars or salts.

Dehydration is when you are consuming less fluids than you are losing or using.

Signs of dehydration: Thirst; Dry crack lips; Dark coloured urine & less peeing; Fatigue, tiredness and cloudy thinking; Hunger – drink first & wait 20 or 30 minutes before eating; Headaches; Constipation; Nausea and dizziness; Can affect cognition, remembering, learning or  knowledge; Mood

Causes dehydration: Caffeine; Black tea; Soft drinks; Alcohol

Focus on drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day, sipping slowly throughout the day

Clients are Our Focus and Your Health is our Concern
Peta Zafir (Owner and Head Therapist)